I want to workout but I don’t know where to begin.

LNFS = Expert Support

I go to the gym every year. Once. In January.

LNFS = Enhanced Motivation

No way I’m going to see my trainer and telling him I didn’t work out yesterday.

LNFS = Accountability Partner

Lose weight; gain weight. Lose weight; gain weight. I can’t break the pattern.

LNFS = Long Lasting Training for Life

I have tried plenty of workout plans with my friends, but nothing seems to help me accomplish my goals.

LNFS = Personalized Fitness Training

No matter how many times I watch the YouTube videos, I’m certain I’m doing the exercises incorrectly.

LNFS = Safe & Correct Workouts

Customized Fitness: A Personal Training Gym for Your Life

Fat Loss
  • Burn fat
  • Build muscle
  • Learn proper training techniques
  • Understand the impact of nutrition
Post-Rehab & Corrective Exercise
  • Manage & eliminate pain
  • Correct posture imbalances
  • Adjust movement dysfunction
  • Create a balanced body
Athletic Performance
  • Gain strength and increase speed
  • Enhance sport-specific abilities
  • Perfect basic fundamentals
  • Perform complex movements

“Three years ago I began training with Josh due to a small tear in my rotator cuff.  Not only do I have full range of motion now, I feel stronger overall.

Could I do my training at home? Yes. Can I make sure that I’m doing it properly and challenging myself? No. Josh is dedicated to his clients and their needs.”

    -Denise C., Personal Training Client*

“I am a high school football player, and I came to Jonathan because I needed to put on a substantial amount of muscle if I wanted to be a valuable part of the team next year. I have been training with Jonathan for only six weeks and my weight has already gone from 140 to 155!  

Everyone is telling me I’m getting bigger! I can’t wait until next football season!”

             -Andrew T, Personal Training Client*

IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE. Redefine your limits.

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